5 Ways to Bring Life-Giving Energy into your Life

Life can feel draining. You are stressed, you deal with unexpected situations, you face difficult people.

Did you know that no matter what is going on around you, you have the ability to decide how to feel?

Imagine what it would be like if you reacted differently. I know that sounds impossible. There was a time when I didn’t believe it myself. After all, you are human and experience emotions.

Believe it or not, you are not bound by how you feel. Your energy is like a bank account and emotional experiences will either deposit into or withdraw from your account. The problem is, you are often withdrawing more than depositing.

There are times when you cannot help the withdrawal effect, like when difficulty and stresses arise that are beyond your control. However, there are plenty of ways you can balance your account by increasing deposits. When you increase deposits, you increase energy and that is life-giving.

Here are 5 powerful ways to bring life-giving energy into your life:

  1. Be surrounded by positive people: it’s impossible to avoid negative energy out there, that’s a given. But you can be more intentional about limiting the negative while increasing the positive. When you face the negative energy of others, it is a withdrawal from your “energy” bank account.  And like everyone, you only have a limited supply.  Once it’s gone, you need to replenish it. If you are surrounded mostly by negative people, then you are practicing more withdrawals than deposits. Try to reverse that.
  2. Be grateful for your frustrations: disappointments, fear, frustrations, and life issues are draining. When we focus on them too much in a negative way, we are withdrawing again. There is no life in being sad or angry about what is happening. It is okay for a while, mind you. It is important to honor how you feel but if you live there, there is no life. Acknowledge and then release it. Then practice being grateful for what that experience taught you.
  3. Practice mindfulness: this is a powerful practice that helps you release the negative and stay in the positive. It is the essence of being able to continue depositing into your heart the life-giving energy to  remain at peace. I have incorporated mindfulness into my life for years now, and a recent practice I now include is yoga. It’s life changing!
  4. Bring plants into your work or home: plants are life-giving, they have an energy of giving and receiving. Certain ones purify the air, provide a sense of well-being and peace, and can even relieve stress. Many are also wonderful for medicinal purposes. Developing the practice of caring for a plant is also a form of life-giving energy as you give back and are thankful.
  5. Smile, even when you don’t want to: did you know that holding a pencil between your teeth sideways causes the sides of your mouth to lift slightly and when you do this, your brain thinks you’re smiling? That one action for a minute or two will cause your brain to send out “happy” hormones and change your mood. Even if you don’t feel like it, try it for a few minutes. Remember to be open to the energy shift. If you fight against it or remain focused on the negative, you are withdrawing as you deposit and that gets nowhere.

There is life-giving energy all around you but if you are not in a space to receive it, you will struggle. You can change that.

Begin with just one practice today and move from there. Take it a day at a time and eventually, you will learn the beautiful practice of choosing how to feel no matter what is happening around you.

If you have been trying to live by these principles but find you are struggling to get past stuck points, let’s talk!

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Let’s discover what is blocking you and release it. Learn the power of depositing more than you withdraw. You are worth it!



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