A story about Doubt

One day, Doubt, feeling confused, sad, and alone, set off to look for answers.  Finding Wisdom, Doubt asked

“Can you please tell me the truth?”

Excited to share, Wisdom spoke the truth.  But, upon hearing it, Doubt became unsure and asked again, “Wisdom, please tell me the truth, but can you tell me a little nicer?”

Wisdom, still excited, shared the truth once more . . . gently.  But Doubt, becoming more anxious, asked again, “Please, Wisdom, can you tell me even nicer?”

Wisdom, still hoping to share, spoke truth to Doubt . . . even more gently.  But Doubt started to get angry.  “Wisdom, I ask you to tell me the truth but you are lying.”

Wisdom, unsure of what to say next, gently smiles.

Now angry, Doubt yells, “Wisdom, how could you lie to me, you don’t love me!”  With that, Doubt stormed off leaving Wisdom confused, sad, and alone.

Seeing all that happened, Understanding came alongside Wisdom and comfortingly said “Please don’t be sad.  No matter how gently you will try to speak the truth, Doubt is just too strong.”


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