Just make the pain stop!

Last week, I made a terrible mistake by lifting improperly and injuring by back.  The first few days were not too bad.  It was more uncomfortable really.  I continued with my regular routine but moved just a bit slower.  The problem is, I don’t slow down easily and adding pain to my day can really be annoying.  By the third day, I noticed more discomfort but, with things to do and people to see, I proceeded to shower and get ready … Continue reading

It’s all how we look at it

The economy is tough right now, jobs are scarce, and families are struggling.  With the surplus from previous decades, it seems this decade proves to be more challenging. Unfortunately, since most of us hate change, we resist it.  We like things to stay the same, where we are secure in our predictable lives.  Although we are aware that change is inevitable, we often do not cope well when it happens.  But, knowing how to deal with the unknown and the … Continue reading

When did we give up our power?

Mental illness, anxiety, trauma, disappointments, struggles, and all that life has to offer have occurred since the beginning of time.  As a result, we search for ways to avoid our pain.  After all, suffering is bad and must be destroyed!  In this quest, science now offers relief from our distress…a chance to step out of our anxieties, even if for just a few hours, and help us cope.  And we are grateful for all the advances science has to offer … Continue reading

Suicide and the Elderly: Did you know?

I admit it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new.  With the sun shining and given the number of winter months we face, the pull to be outside is strong.  Although I have not posted, there has been a lot going on.  Recently, I gave a talk at the Village Park Enrichment Center at Banta in Valparaiso on suicide and the elderly.  Thank you Northwest Indiana Community Action Corp for making those workshops possible. I love the opportunity to … Continue reading

Self-injury and suicide: Is there a link?

Self-injury behavior is a growing concern in many schools across the country, especially in our adolescent girls.  It has even been known to occur as young as 5th grade.  We also know that suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among youth, ages 15-24.  While self-injury and suicide are related in many ways, there are also very distinct differences in the intention, motivation, and goals of these behaviors. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (2009), … Continue reading

My Journey to Understand

December 10, 2005 is a day that forever changed my life.  That evening, I came home to frantic messages from my mother.  She had been trying to contact me.  However, being too busy with life, I missed her calls.  When we finally spoke, I could hear it in her voice.  “This is not good,” I thought.  Then, the shocking news…my dad was gone.  Earlier, she found him.  He had taken his life ~ I could not understand “My….dad….killed himself?”  As … Continue reading

ASIST Training held in Ft. Wayne, IN

Thank you to Indiana Cares Youth Suicide Prevention Project and SAMHSA! Through their grant opportunities, Northwest Allen County Schools recently hosted an ASIST training. In an effort to break the stigma of suicide, we now have more people talking about suicide and saving lives!!! Indiana Cares is a project of Behavioral Health & Family Studies Institute at Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne.  It was developed from a federal grant from SAMHSA. Through the Indiana Cares mini-grant process, organizations applied for and … Continue reading

Why are we so angry?

Recently at the grocery store, I stood with my cart near the customer service counter.  With only one customer ahead of me, I patiently waited to ask a question.  With my turn approaching, I felt several customers starting to crowd around.  My cart, along with others, was beginning to cause a problem.  That’s okay, I thought – I have a quick, easy question so it shouldn’t take long.  I asked my question, a young girl assisted me, and all was … Continue reading

We are becoming a suicide safe community

LivingWorks – Suicide Prevention This weekend, we completed another two-day ASIST training.  I’m excited not only to be a part of this valuable training but to meet so many great people in our community.  What had a terrific group that were willing to give their time to talk about suicide.  This dynamic team offered not only their willingness to learn but to also share their own knowledge and expertise.  We have much to learn from each other.  Suicide is not … Continue reading

Thank you Faith Evangelical Bible Church

LivingWorks – Suicide Prevention If you encountered someone contemplating suicide, would you know what to do?  Well, we had another ASIST suicide intervention skills training in Valparaiso, and it was a wonderful experience. Thank you Faith Evangelical Bible Church for offering their space and providing morning and afternoon refreshments on both days. Thank you also to the participants for their willingness to make a difference in their community and being open to dialogue about this difficult issue.  Due to these … Continue reading