Our kids are dying for our help!

Know the Warning Signs IS PATH WARM? Ideation Substance Abuse Purposelessness Anxiety Trapped Hopelessness Withdrawal Anger Recklessness Mood Changes Learn more about upcoming workshops on suicide prevention/intervention efforts in our schools.  It saves lives! You can find this video on YouTube Warning Signs taken from American Association of Suicidology … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions: Here we go again

Every year, we do it!   We make New Year’s resolutions.  We promise this year will be different.   From this point forward we promise to live in the moment, to eliminate stress, to LOSE WEIGHT, blah, blah, blah.  Then its March and we begin to go back to old patterns.  Life goes on, problems arise, summer comes, and we backslide.  Before we know it, fall and winter roll around and we wonder . . . where did the year go? … Continue reading

What If . . .?

I always loved the holidays.  But these past few years have been more difficult for me.  You see, four years ago, I lost my father to suicide just two weeks before Christmas.  Now, when the holidays come around, I often find myself thinking about his death.  I think about what was going on at the time, how busy I was getting ready for the holidays, and then, I start to think about my dad’s pain.  It was his pain then … Continue reading

Thank you Valparaiso Police Department

If you came across someone thinking of suicide, would you know what to do?  Well, we just completed another ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.  We had a great group who are now ready, willing, and able to help. Thank you Valparaiso Police Department for hosting it.  We are very appreciative. This is such a difficult and touchy topic ~ one we do not like to discuss.  In fact, we dislike it so much, we even convince ourselves it is … Continue reading

Is she thinking suicide?

You phone a friend and while talking, you notice she sounds really down.  You think about the last few weeks and realize she has not been herself lately.  Is she going into one of her depressions again?  You think “why can’t she just be happy?”  Then you feel guilty and wonder if you should go to her.  But truthfully, you just don’t have the time today. We all know people who have “off” days.  But sometimes people struggle with more … Continue reading