4 Ways to Love Yourself in the Midst of a Divorce

A divorce is painful, bringing feelings of confusion, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. You will go through a grieving process because divorce is about loss. It is the loss of a marriage, the loss of the dreams you had for your life, and the loss of being a couple. Although it might be tempting to shut yourself off from others following the end of a relationship, this is a wonderful opportunity to treat yourself well. A breakup can be an … Continue reading

“Ghosting” ~ not just for the dating

Have you heard of the term “ghosting?” Here’s an online definition: “The practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without explanation” The idea is that someone starts connecting with you and then, without warning, they stop. It is pretty black and white. You are talking and then you are not. When it comes to relationships, however, it’s not always black and white. And relationships are not always about dating. Ghosting happens in every relationship (i.e., friendships, bosses,  co-workers, business acquaintances, extended family). Here are … Continue reading

Workplace Conflict: You’ve Tried Everything

“Over 65% of performance problems result from strained relationships between employees” ~ Sloan Group Int’l The majority of our lives is spent in communication with others. So it’s safe to say, conflicts happen. It’s a given. Conflicts occur when one person shuts down and/or is not really listening to the other. Once one person is not listening, we’re doomed to have problems. Here are some things we do when that happens . . . Begin talking past one another Argue, yell, scream, throw our … Continue reading

When Positive Thinking Feels like a bunch of BS

What? Isn’t it all about positive thinking? I mean, that’s what we hear, right? “Think positive” “Be grateful” “Time will tell” “You are not given more than you can handle” “When things are rough, remember the silver lining” I could go on and on That all sounds great when you are ready to hear it, but if you are not ready to hear it, it sounds like a bunch of bullshit. Here’s how it works. You have a natural instinct to … Continue reading

Five Destructive Behaviors Masquerading as Love

Love can be a beautiful thing, especially when we understand it and how it works. Since love is experienced on an emotional level, however, it can confuse us as all those feelings tend to cloud our thinking. What if we believe it is love but in actuality, it is an imposter? Though it is very often unintentional due false ideas of love, it is only when we take a closer look that we are better able to see what might … Continue reading

It takes more time than you think

How many times have you said something like, “I’ll be there in a minute,” or “I will only be gone a minute,” and the all time favorite, “Sure, I can do that, it’ll just take a minute.” Inevitably, no matter what our intentions, a minute turns into many minutes, even hours, and sometimes days. While it may feel like it only takes a minute to do something, in reality, it takes more time than you think. If you’re like me, you’ve fallen into this … Continue reading

How can I forgive . . . ?

Most of us know or understand on an intellectual level that forgiveness is good for the soul. Unfortunately, it’s our heart that tends to struggle with this truth.  We often ask ourselves the following questions: “How can I forgive my parents when they were so abusive to me when I was growing up?” “How can I forgive my spouse for cheating on me?” “How can I forgive my best friend for abandoning me?” “How can I forgive abusers and manipulators … Continue reading

A story about Doubt

One day, Doubt, feeling confused, sad, and alone, set off to look for answers.  Finding Wisdom, Doubt asked “Can you please tell me the truth?” Excited to share, Wisdom spoke the truth.  But, upon hearing it, Doubt became unsure and asked again, “Wisdom, please tell me the truth, but can you tell me a little nicer?” Wisdom, still excited, shared the truth once more . . . gently.  But Doubt, becoming more anxious, asked again, “Please, Wisdom, can you tell me … Continue reading

Fear of Confrontation = Fear of Change

Last weekend at church, as I was listening to the reading, something came to mind that I wanted to share.  With the Easter season upon us, we naturally read the passage where people began to reject Jesus.  But understanding human behavior, Jesus knew this would occur.  After all, He was challenging the status quo. He dared to defy the powers that be and this caused anger.  He even went so far as to state that His good friend would deny Him … Continue reading