He scammed me!!

I was recently scammed!!  Yes, it’s true ~ I found myself buying into his false implications and lies, all in an effort to get my money.  He tapped into the very core of my being, the part that desires so much to help others improve their lives and be happy! For the most part, I am a strong critical thinker and am painfully aware that there are people in the world who will lie for their own personal gain.  But I … Continue reading

My Journey to Understand

December 10, 2005 is a day that forever changed my life.  That evening, I came home to frantic messages from my mother.  She had been trying to contact me.  However, being too busy with life, I missed her calls.  When we finally spoke, I could hear it in her voice.  “This is not good,” I thought.  Then, the shocking news…my dad was gone.  Earlier, she found him.  He had taken his life ~ I could not understand “My….dad….killed himself?”  As … Continue reading

Why are we so angry?

Recently at the grocery store, I stood with my cart near the customer service counter.  With only one customer ahead of me, I patiently waited to ask a question.  With my turn approaching, I felt several customers starting to crowd around.  My cart, along with others, was beginning to cause a problem.  That’s okay, I thought – I have a quick, easy question so it shouldn’t take long.  I asked my question, a young girl assisted me, and all was … Continue reading