Our Inner Struggles

We all struggle with that internal battle between what we “should” do vs. what we “want” or “feel” like doing.  You know . . . it’s the whole “angel and devil on the shoulder” sort of thing! But, when someone is struggling with depression or anxiety, it can be paralyzing trying to figure out what to do.  With that, I often share the following story. This tale has been around for years but I have yet to be able to authenticate … Continue reading

A story about Doubt

One day, Doubt, feeling confused, sad, and alone, set off to look for answers.  Finding Wisdom, Doubt asked “Can you please tell me the truth?” Excited to share, Wisdom spoke the truth.  But, upon hearing it, Doubt became unsure and asked again, “Wisdom, please tell me the truth, but can you tell me a little nicer?” Wisdom, still excited, shared the truth once more . . . gently.  But Doubt, becoming more anxious, asked again, “Please, Wisdom, can you tell me … Continue reading

Don’t blame it on the stars

Did you ever wonder why it is on the days you are in a hurry, you get stopped by the train, traffic is slower than usual, or even worse, you end up behind the slowest driver in town?  How frustrating!  Just when you think you are getting somewhere, there they are, moseying along just trying to annoy you!! We’ve all been there and when it happens we wonder . . . “Why do these life forces seem to stack against me?”  … Continue reading

Fear of Confrontation = Fear of Change

Last weekend at church, as I was listening to the reading, something came to mind that I wanted to share.  With the Easter season upon us, we naturally read the passage where people began to reject Jesus.  But understanding human behavior, Jesus knew this would occur.  After all, He was challenging the status quo. He dared to defy the powers that be and this caused anger.  He even went so far as to state that His good friend would deny Him … Continue reading

War is Hell

Recently, while out shopping, I noticed a veteran on the side of the road.  As he navigated his wheelchair down the sidewalk with both legs missing from the knees down, he was holding up a sign asking for help.  I could not help but be moved by his dilemma.  While at the light, I looked through my purse and managed to find $10.  “Not a lot,” I thought, but honestly, since the birth of debit cards, I rarely have actual cash … Continue reading

The masks we wear

Halloween is about pretending.  We pretend to be somebody ~ or something ~ else and have fun doing so.  It is an acceptable and fun part of the celebration tradition.  We wear costumes and masks, all the while laughing and enjoying each others’ company.  I wondered recently how the tradition of costumes and masks originated and depending on where you look, you will find a variety of details.  However, the overall reason remains the same…we wear masks to hide.  As in … Continue reading

Just make the pain stop!

Last week, I made a terrible mistake by lifting improperly and injuring by back.  The first few days were not too bad.  It was more uncomfortable really.  I continued with my regular routine but moved just a bit slower.  The problem is, I don’t slow down easily and adding pain to my day can really be annoying.  By the third day, I noticed more discomfort but, with things to do and people to see, I proceeded to shower and get ready … Continue reading