Millennials are getting a bad rap

“Millennials are lazy; Millennials are entitled; Millennials are spoiled and self-absorbed” Sound familiar? I recently watched a parody on millennials and it played to the stereotypes perfectly. That’s what we are saying about them and like all stereotypes, there are some that prove this point. What about the ones that don’t fit the bias? The ones that do only make up a small portion of the whole. What about the rest? As a whole, let’s talk about what millennials are doing. … Continue reading

Two-Step Process to Confront a Strained Relationship

Did you know that lack of social interaction is detrimental to your health? According to one study, social isolation is as detrimental to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day! We need relationships, we need connections, we need one another. Here’s the thing, you need to make sure your relationships are healthy. Having a toxic relationship can be just as devastating to your health. I often share with clients one way to know if you are in a toxic … Continue reading

When Technology Fails: “The System Won’t Let Me”

We are so bound by technology that we do very little without it. I love technology. It enables me to write emails, send newsletters, and share articles. That’s the beauty of technology. But boy, when technology fails us, it can be deeply frustrating. Let me share a recent experience I had and how it would have been handled before and after technology (this really did happen). Last week, I wanted to pay a bill: BEFORE: I would write a check, place it … Continue reading

It takes more time than you think

How many times have you said something like, “I’ll be there in a minute,” or “I will only be gone a minute,” and the all time favorite, “Sure, I can do that, it’ll just take a minute.” Inevitably, no matter what our intentions, a minute turns into many minutes, even hours, and sometimes days. While it may feel like it only takes a minute to do something, in reality, it takes more time than you think. If you’re like me, you’ve fallen into this … Continue reading

Dogs Feel Shame Too

Lucy is our little Chihuahua mix. We are not really sure what she’s mixed with but she is truly the most loving and fun little thing. She was a stray. From this picture of her, you would never believe that when they found her, she was covered in mange, infected with parvo, and just had a litter of pups. Thankfully, she was nursed back to health and finally found her way into our home and our hearts! Lucy has quite … Continue reading

How can I forgive . . . ?

Most of us know or understand on an intellectual level that forgiveness is good for the soul. Unfortunately, it’s our heart that tends to struggle with this truth.  We often ask ourselves the following questions: “How can I forgive my parents when they were so abusive to me when I was growing up?” “How can I forgive my spouse for cheating on me?” “How can I forgive my best friend for abandoning me?” “How can I forgive abusers and manipulators … Continue reading

A Dad’s Influence

Over the last several decades, there has been a steady decline in the number of fathers participating in the rearing of their children.  The proportion of children living in two parent homes has dropped significantly where 1 in 3 children in the United States live with just their mother.  There is no doubt that the presence of a father makes a huge impact to a child.  Statistics show improvement in grades as well as a decrease in sexual promiscuity, teen … Continue reading

Don’t blame it on the stars

Did you ever wonder why it is on the days you are in a hurry, you get stopped by the train, traffic is slower than usual, or even worse, you end up behind the slowest driver in town?  How frustrating!  Just when you think you are getting somewhere, there they are, moseying along just trying to annoy you!! We’ve all been there and when it happens we wonder . . . “Why do these life forces seem to stack against me?”  … Continue reading

Who’s to blame?

In the face of tragedy, we have a deep-seated need to find meaning.  The recent trauma in Arizona is no different.  We are left wondering how something like this could happen.  It was so senseless!  As we work through the pain, we ask… Where did we go wrong?  How could we not see this coming?  And the most important question . . . Who’s to blame!   As I read through different ideas and suggested theories, I was reminded of a story. Years ago, I … Continue reading