Number ONE killer of dreams . . . not what you think

Do you have dreams? What’s on your bucket list? Do you even have a bucket list? (if not, we really need to talk!) I know you have dreams. They might be buried deep down but they are there. The problem is, you go through life thinking these dreams will finally happen yet, somehow, you are another year older and in the same place. Nothing has changed, except maybe your dreams. You start to wonder, maybe it will never happen. Or worse, you keep holding onto it, believing it … Continue reading

3 Powerful Ways to Change Your Life

“When we have begun to take charge of our lives, to own ourselves, there is no longer any need to ask permission of someone” ~ George O’Neil You  want more happiness and fulfillment in your life but so often you feel like all you do is race to keep up. You feel like a victim to your circumstances. Though you try to change, things get in the way. You feel defeated. It might even seem like you have it all ~ a good job, a beautiful family, wonderful supportive … Continue reading

When Positive Thinking Feels like a bunch of BS

What? Isn’t it all about positive thinking? I mean, that’s what we hear, right? “Think positive” “Be grateful” “Time will tell” “You are not given more than you can handle” “When things are rough, remember the silver lining” I could go on and on That all sounds great when you are ready to hear it, but if you are not ready to hear it, it sounds like a bunch of bullshit. Here’s how it works. You have a natural instinct to … Continue reading

Five Destructive Behaviors Masquerading as Love

Love can be a beautiful thing, especially when we understand it and how it works. Since love is experienced on an emotional level, however, it can confuse us as all those feelings tend to cloud our thinking. What if we believe it is love but in actuality, it is an imposter? Though it is very often unintentional due false ideas of love, it is only when we take a closer look that we are better able to see what might … Continue reading

[Video] An Abundance Mindset

I absolutely love all the online software and programs out there. It is so fun to create things for you. That’s why I’m very excited about my upcoming 30 day program. In the meantime, I had fun creating this video for you. Do you have an Abundance Mindset? As a society, we are immersed in a scarcity thinking. It is based on seeing problems, fear, obstacles. An Abundance Mindset turns problems into opportunities, fear into curiosity, and obstacles into possibilities. An Abundance Mindset can … Continue reading

Keeping Your Resolutions in 4 Easy Steps

Are you one of many people who have made New Year’s resolutions? And are you one of many people who find themselves not following through on their resolutions? It is one thing to have honest intentions to exercise more, relax more, or travel more, but it is another thing altogether to make room in your daily schedule for new activities or habits. As the humdrum of daily life continues, you find yourself swept away in the current of continuity. You … Continue reading

Five Things Successful People Understand

We all have a dream for our lives, whether we want to get emotionally or physically healthier, build a stronger marriage, increase confidence, become a better parent, or embark on a career venture. No matter how different our individual dreams, each of us has some wish we hope to achieve in life. For many, those dreams are made a reality but for others, it seems we consistently fall short. The sad fact is, most of us will not push through … Continue reading

How Much More Will You Take?

Change is so hard. I know, I’ve been there. But I guarantee that avoiding change is much harder! You see, staying in a bad situation takes more energy than facing change. Avoiding it is like trying to give birth but you never finally reach the point of receiving that beautiful new life you worked so hard to create. Instead, you are in a state of perpetual labor pain. Never given birth? Here’s another example. Imagine trying to pass a kidney stone but … Continue reading