Relationship Barriers and How to Overcome Them

Amazing things are happening in the world. We have wonderful research helping to understand ourselves and the world around us and we are learning more than ever before. Despite how much we have learned, however, there is one thing that we still struggle to master ~ relationships. As we attempt to work through conflicts, the potential for hurt and tension is very real and can sometimes be devastating. After all, it has created wars between couples, families and even countries. … Continue reading

This Year, Let’s Give Up

The beginning of a new year is a favorite time where many of us think about what we would like to change in our lives. These ruminations often lead to the making of resolutions, which you promise yourself you will stick to no matter what. So you set out and write your list of goals. Some of the most popular include the infamous goal of losing weight and getting fit, quitting smoking, and working to finally complete that project you’ve … Continue reading

Why teens think the way they do

Ask any parent or adult and we will say the same thing. We all want to raise our children to become happy, healthy, and productive adults. With that comes the ability to make good decisions, understand how to navigate the world, and most of all, how to handle tough decisions. However, in our effort to do what is “best” for our children, we can often unwittingly and unintentionally hinder them toward this goal. As a result, they learn to make … Continue reading

Are You an Overthinker?

One of the most common things people say to me is “I tend to overthink things.”  So I thought about that (recovering overthinker here).  According to, to “overthink” means to spend more time thinking about something than is necessary or productive.  In a world where we have access to an enormous amount of information, every thought and image has the ability to lead us into a path of self-destruction.  Our brains have literally become an addiction . . . … Continue reading

A Dad’s Influence

Over the last several decades, there has been a steady decline in the number of fathers participating in the rearing of their children.  The proportion of children living in two parent homes has dropped significantly where 1 in 3 children in the United States live with just their mother.  There is no doubt that the presence of a father makes a huge impact to a child.  Statistics show improvement in grades as well as a decrease in sexual promiscuity, teen … Continue reading

Spring: A Time of Renewal

Many people have an incredibly hard time during the winter months, particularly if they live in colder regions.  The short, dark days can trigger melancholic moods, leading to profound feelings of lethargy and pessimism.  Others may struggle with financial worries which quickly set in after the expense of the holidays.  Meanwhile, we all face pervasive trials that threaten to undermine happiness at any time of year.  Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, adjusting to the end … Continue reading

A story about Doubt

One day, Doubt, feeling confused, sad, and alone, set off to look for answers.  Finding Wisdom, Doubt asked “Can you please tell me the truth?” Excited to share, Wisdom spoke the truth.  But, upon hearing it, Doubt became unsure and asked again, “Wisdom, please tell me the truth, but can you tell me a little nicer?” Wisdom, still excited, shared the truth once more . . . gently.  But Doubt, becoming more anxious, asked again, “Please, Wisdom, can you tell me … Continue reading

Fear of Confrontation = Fear of Change

Last weekend at church, as I was listening to the reading, something came to mind that I wanted to share.  With the Easter season upon us, we naturally read the passage where people began to reject Jesus.  But understanding human behavior, Jesus knew this would occur.  After all, He was challenging the status quo. He dared to defy the powers that be and this caused anger.  He even went so far as to state that His good friend would deny Him … Continue reading

It’s time to declutter

Recently, my family was enjoying a wonderful dinner. We grilled steaks with baked potatoes and a big salad ~ one of our favs. Getting ready to dive into my salad I decided to try a different dressing. I looked in the fridge and found an unopened bottle, one I did not recognize and interestingly, didn’t remember buying. But it looked good. As I got ready to pour the dressing, I noticed the expiration date . . . 2009!  Wow, I … Continue reading

Suicide is a community problem!

I awoke to this morning’s paper and on the front page read, “Ex-Griffith teen dies in suicide pact.”  Immediately, I feel my heart go out to the families.  As I read further, I find not one suicide but two, and they were only 14 years old!  How sad to think, at this tender age, these girls felt suicide was their only option. As we work through the grief of losing someone to suicide, the questions begin.  We try to figure it … Continue reading