Just ignore it!!!

Through the luck of my genetics, I have issues with my spine.  Over the years, it has become progressively worse and as a result, I tend to pull my back muscles.  It has been manageable so far but I notice it getting worse over time.  In fact, I endured significant back pain this past August causing me to be bedridden for nearly a week.  Given that recent incident, you would think I would learn to be more careful and pay attention … Continue reading

A different resolution . . .

Here we are again ~ a new year ~ another chance to reflect on where we are and where we want to be.  It’s the time when we think about things and make changes.  Maybe we want to get our finances in order, maybe develop our careers further, maybe start a family, maybe find love ~ and then there’s the ever popular goal of losing weight.  Whatever your goals, the idea is to improve your life and hope things turn out … Continue reading

My dog is passive-aggressive

My dog, Riley, really hates it when my mom’s dog, Jack, comes to visit.  Being an only dog for many years, Riley pretty much has the run of the house.  He does not have to share his food, treats, or even share our love with another dog.  He gets it all, that is . . . until Jack visits. Jack is much more dominant and stands his ground.  He lets other dogs know who is in charge.  As a result, he … Continue reading

Let’s be honest

“Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened” ~ Winston Churchill When I think of truth, I think of contradiction, a paradox!  We continually wrestle with our deepest desire for it and yet are painfully aware of our discomfort with it.  Because truth, like a razor, has the power to cut straight through the center of our hearts.  When it does, we know in that instant, we do … Continue reading

Grief comes in many forms

Very often, grief and loss are associated with the death of a person.  We identify with all that comes with death.  For instance, an automobile accident occurs, a family member loses a battle to cancer, or we lose a friend to suicide.  When these storms hit, we instinctively understand that grief is part of that process.  We go through the motions by tending to the funeral and attempting to adjust to our new life without them.  We try to heal.  … Continue reading

It’s all how we look at it

The economy is tough right now, jobs are scarce, and families are struggling.  With the surplus from previous decades, it seems this decade proves to be more challenging. Unfortunately, since most of us hate change, we resist it.  We like things to stay the same, where we are secure in our predictable lives.  Although we are aware that change is inevitable, we often do not cope well when it happens.  But, knowing how to deal with the unknown and the … Continue reading

When did we give up our power?

Mental illness, anxiety, trauma, disappointments, struggles, and all that life has to offer have occurred since the beginning of time.  As a result, we search for ways to avoid our pain.  After all, suffering is bad and must be destroyed!  In this quest, science now offers relief from our distress…a chance to step out of our anxieties, even if for just a few hours, and help us cope.  And we are grateful for all the advances science has to offer … Continue reading

Why are we so angry?

Recently at the grocery store, I stood with my cart near the customer service counter.  With only one customer ahead of me, I patiently waited to ask a question.  With my turn approaching, I felt several customers starting to crowd around.  My cart, along with others, was beginning to cause a problem.  That’s okay, I thought – I have a quick, easy question so it shouldn’t take long.  I asked my question, a young girl assisted me, and all was … Continue reading

We are becoming a suicide safe community

LivingWorks – Suicide Prevention This weekend, we completed another two-day ASIST training.  I’m excited not only to be a part of this valuable training but to meet so many great people in our community.  What had a terrific group that were willing to give their time to talk about suicide.  This dynamic team offered not only their willingness to learn but to also share their own knowledge and expertise.  We have much to learn from each other.  Suicide is not … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions: Here we go again

Every year, we do it!   We make New Year’s resolutions.  We promise this year will be different.   From this point forward we promise to live in the moment, to eliminate stress, to LOSE WEIGHT, blah, blah, blah.  Then its March and we begin to go back to old patterns.  Life goes on, problems arise, summer comes, and we backslide.  Before we know it, fall and winter roll around and we wonder . . . where did the year go? … Continue reading