Spring: A Time of Renewal

Many people have an incredibly hard time during the winter months, particularly if they live in colder regions.  The short, dark days can trigger melancholic moods, leading to profound feelings of lethargy and pessimism.  Others may struggle with financial worries which quickly set in after the expense of the holidays.  Meanwhile, we all face pervasive trials that threaten to undermine happiness at any time of year.  Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, adjusting to the end … Continue reading

Reach for the sun!

Do you remember in science class, how we learned when a seed starts to sprout and grow, it is reaching for the sun?  It was so interesting to learn how much they need sunlight to grow healthy and strong.  Well, that’s what I felt like today.  I felt like that little seed desperately reaching out for sunlight. In recent weeks, the sun was hiding but today is a beautiful, sunny day and the skies are blue.  Even though it is 2 … Continue reading

Suicide Myths

In honor of suicide prevention week, I’ve decided to share some of the many myths we hold about it. It’s a difficult subject to talk about but so important.   Myth #1 ~ Most suicides happen during the holidays. Fact:  Actually, suicides tend to be lower during the holidays and peak around spring.  It is unclear exactly why but here are my thoughts.  During the holidays, people gather together with family and friends.  We celebrate and the spirit of the season tends … Continue reading

Our Inner Struggles

We all struggle with that internal battle between what we “should” do vs. what we “want” or “feel” like doing.  You know . . . it’s the whole “angel and devil on the shoulder” sort of thing! But, when someone is struggling with depression or anxiety, it can be paralyzing trying to figure out what to do.  With that, I often share the following story. This tale has been around for years but I have yet to be able to authenticate … Continue reading

War is Hell

Recently, while out shopping, I noticed a veteran on the side of the road.  As he navigated his wheelchair down the sidewalk with both legs missing from the knees down, he was holding up a sign asking for help.  I could not help but be moved by his dilemma.  While at the light, I looked through my purse and managed to find $10.  “Not a lot,” I thought, but honestly, since the birth of debit cards, I rarely have actual cash … Continue reading

Just make the pain stop!

Last week, I made a terrible mistake by lifting improperly and injuring by back.  The first few days were not too bad.  It was more uncomfortable really.  I continued with my regular routine but moved just a bit slower.  The problem is, I don’t slow down easily and adding pain to my day can really be annoying.  By the third day, I noticed more discomfort but, with things to do and people to see, I proceeded to shower and get ready … Continue reading

It’s all how we look at it

The economy is tough right now, jobs are scarce, and families are struggling.  With the surplus from previous decades, it seems this decade proves to be more challenging. Unfortunately, since most of us hate change, we resist it.  We like things to stay the same, where we are secure in our predictable lives.  Although we are aware that change is inevitable, we often do not cope well when it happens.  But, knowing how to deal with the unknown and the … Continue reading

Suicide and the Elderly: Did you know?

I admit it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new.  With the sun shining and given the number of winter months we face, the pull to be outside is strong.  Although I have not posted, there has been a lot going on.  Recently, I gave a talk at the Village Park Enrichment Center at Banta in Valparaiso on suicide and the elderly.  Thank you Northwest Indiana Community Action Corp for making those workshops possible. I love the opportunity to … Continue reading

Thank you Valparaiso Police Department

If you came across someone thinking of suicide, would you know what to do?  Well, we just completed another ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.  We had a great group who are now ready, willing, and able to help. Thank you Valparaiso Police Department for hosting it.  We are very appreciative. This is such a difficult and touchy topic ~ one we do not like to discuss.  In fact, we dislike it so much, we even convince ourselves it is … Continue reading

Is she thinking suicide?

You phone a friend and while talking, you notice she sounds really down.  You think about the last few weeks and realize she has not been herself lately.  Is she going into one of her depressions again?  You think “why can’t she just be happy?”  Then you feel guilty and wonder if you should go to her.  But truthfully, you just don’t have the time today. We all know people who have “off” days.  But sometimes people struggle with more … Continue reading