How Much More Will You Take?

Change is so hard. I know, I’ve been there. But I guarantee that avoiding change is much harder! You see, staying in a bad situation takes more energy than facing change. Avoiding it is like trying to give birth but you never finally reach the point of receiving that beautiful new life you worked so hard to create. Instead, you are in a state of perpetual labor pain. Never given birth? Here’s another example. Imagine trying to pass a kidney stone but … Continue reading

The Power of Listening . . . or Not!

In a world with so much chatter, it is no wonder most of us do not feel heard.   I see many families sitting together at a restaurant and everyone is on their electronics.  On the other hand, I see families sitting together where everyone is talking.  In both cases, though they are sharing the same space, they are not really connecting. I want to share a story of the amazing power of listening. Several years ago, I received an … Continue reading

Etched in my Mind

Did you ever notice?  When we are asked questions like “how are you” or “how’s it going,” we often respond with an overwhelming list of things going on in our lives.  We are so consumed with “busy-ness” that it has grown into a kind of “badge of honor.”  We live in a world where we are going, going, going.  So much so, that it has become the norm and we don’t even question it.  We move around on auto-pilot, as if … Continue reading