The Lost Art of Togetherness

I have a dear friend I recently connected with and have come to know these past few months. With a beautiful spirit, we often refer to one another as “power sisters.” With the gift of simply being present, we support each other through listening, sharing, clarifying, and offering feedback as we reveal our hopes, dreams, fears, and triumphs. It is the gift of relationship. Recently we decided I would visit her for some much needed ”girl” time. She mentioned looking … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Get Organized: How to Save Money and Keep Your Sanity This Christmas Season

A big part of the holiday season is the hunt for Christmas gifts. However, many people find this yearly pursuit deeply stressful, not to mention expensive! For many people, December is a costly and trying month. Shops and malls are bursting at the seams with heaving crowds. Everywhere signs are tempting us with unbeatable deals and lines are longer than ever. Fortunately, there are ways to handle the chaos and stress. You do not have to throw yourself into the … Continue reading

The Power of Listening . . . or Not!

In a world with so much chatter, it is no wonder most of us do not feel heard.   I see many families sitting together at a restaurant and everyone is on their electronics.  On the other hand, I see families sitting together where everyone is talking.  In both cases, though they are sharing the same space, they are not really connecting. I want to share a story of the amazing power of listening. Several years ago, I received an … Continue reading

A Dad’s Influence

Over the last several decades, there has been a steady decline in the number of fathers participating in the rearing of their children.  The proportion of children living in two parent homes has dropped significantly where 1 in 3 children in the United States live with just their mother.  There is no doubt that the presence of a father makes a huge impact to a child.  Statistics show improvement in grades as well as a decrease in sexual promiscuity, teen … Continue reading

3 Ways to Help Your Child Feel Loved

I often share with parents one rule when parenting a child, and that is Rules – Relationship = Rebellion!  As parents, we tend to be very good at the rules, but if we are missing the relationship, then we are missing a crucial part.  Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, there are many things that easily distract us and can lead our child to feel neglected and alone emotionally.  Kids are full of emotions and feelings, which often frustrate and overwhelm parents. … Continue reading