Millennials are getting a bad rap

“Millennials are lazy; Millennials are entitled; Millennials are spoiled and self-absorbed” Sound familiar? I recently watched a parody on millennials and it played to the stereotypes perfectly. That’s what we are saying about them and like all stereotypes, there are some that prove this point. What about the ones that don’t fit the bias? The ones that do only make up a small portion of the whole. What about the rest? As a whole, let’s talk about what millennials are doing. … Continue reading

How I tamed my inner critic

Did you know you have an inner critic? Do you know what it says? Even worse, do you listen to your inner critic? The truth is we all have it, including me. And if you’re like most of us, you listen to it far more than you should. Here’s the thing, in some ways your inner critic is actually a blessing. It helps keep you safe. But it is not necessarily looking out for your best interest. Its only job is to … Continue reading

Workplace Conflict: You’ve Tried Everything

“Over 65% of performance problems result from strained relationships between employees” ~ Sloan Group Int’l The majority of our lives is spent in communication with others. So it’s safe to say, conflicts happen. It’s a given. Conflicts occur when one person shuts down and/or is not really listening to the other. Once one person is not listening, we’re doomed to have problems. Here are some things we do when that happens . . . Begin talking past one another Argue, yell, scream, throw our … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Togetherness

I have a dear friend I recently connected with and have come to know these past few months. With a beautiful spirit, we often refer to one another as “power sisters.” With the gift of simply being present, we support each other through listening, sharing, clarifying, and offering feedback as we reveal our hopes, dreams, fears, and triumphs. It is the gift of relationship. Recently we decided I would visit her for some much needed ”girl” time. She mentioned looking … Continue reading

The Power of Listening . . . or Not!

In a world with so much chatter, it is no wonder most of us do not feel heard.   I see many families sitting together at a restaurant and everyone is on their electronics.  On the other hand, I see families sitting together where everyone is talking.  In both cases, though they are sharing the same space, they are not really connecting. I want to share a story of the amazing power of listening. Several years ago, I received an … Continue reading