When did we give up our power?

Mental illness, anxiety, trauma, disappointments, struggles, and all that life has to offer have occurred since the beginning of time.  As a result, we search for ways to avoid our pain.  After all, suffering is bad and must be destroyed!  In this quest, science now offers relief from our distress…a chance to step out of our anxieties, even if for just a few hours, and help us cope.  And we are grateful for all the advances science has to offer … Continue reading

Why are we so angry?

Recently at the grocery store, I stood with my cart near the customer service counter.  With only one customer ahead of me, I patiently waited to ask a question.  With my turn approaching, I felt several customers starting to crowd around.  My cart, along with others, was beginning to cause a problem.  That’s okay, I thought – I have a quick, easy question so it shouldn’t take long.  I asked my question, a young girl assisted me, and all was … Continue reading