5 Ways to Bring Life-Giving Energy into your Life

Life can feel draining. You are stressed, you deal with unexpected situations, you face difficult people. Did you know that no matter what is going on around you, you have the ability to decide how to feel? Imagine what it would be like if you reacted differently. I know that sounds impossible. There was a time when I didn’t believe it myself. After all, you are human and experience emotions. Believe it or not, you are not bound by how you feel. Your energy … Continue reading

3 Powerful Ways to Change Your Life

“When we have begun to take charge of our lives, to own ourselves, there is no longer any need to ask permission of someone” ~ George O’Neil You  want more happiness and fulfillment in your life but so often you feel like all you do is race to keep up. You feel like a victim to your circumstances. Though you try to change, things get in the way. You feel defeated. It might even seem like you have it all ~ a good job, a beautiful family, wonderful supportive … Continue reading

[Video] An Abundance Mindset

I absolutely love all the online software and programs out there. It is so fun to create things for you. That’s why I’m very excited about my upcoming 30 day program. In the meantime, I had fun creating this video for you. Do you have an Abundance Mindset? As a society, we are immersed in a scarcity thinking. It is based on seeing problems, fear, obstacles. An Abundance Mindset turns problems into opportunities, fear into curiosity, and obstacles into possibilities. An Abundance Mindset can … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Get Organized: How to Save Money and Keep Your Sanity This Christmas Season

A big part of the holiday season is the hunt for Christmas gifts. However, many people find this yearly pursuit deeply stressful, not to mention expensive! For many people, December is a costly and trying month. Shops and malls are bursting at the seams with heaving crowds. Everywhere signs are tempting us with unbeatable deals and lines are longer than ever. Fortunately, there are ways to handle the chaos and stress. You do not have to throw yourself into the … Continue reading

When Mother’s Day Hurts

Mother’s Day is a day where we celebrate and honor our moms.  Many spend time with their mothers sharing in that mother/child bond.  We show our appreciation for all she did to sacrifice for us; after all, she gave us life and love.  While this may sound nice, for some, just the mention of Mother’s Day or even thinking of mom can be very painful.  There are a number of reasons why this might be happening. For some of you, … Continue reading

Reach for the sun!

Do you remember in science class, how we learned when a seed starts to sprout and grow, it is reaching for the sun?  It was so interesting to learn how much they need sunlight to grow healthy and strong.  Well, that’s what I felt like today.  I felt like that little seed desperately reaching out for sunlight. In recent weeks, the sun was hiding but today is a beautiful, sunny day and the skies are blue.  Even though it is 2 … Continue reading

Etched in my Mind

Did you ever notice?  When we are asked questions like “how are you” or “how’s it going,” we often respond with an overwhelming list of things going on in our lives.  We are so consumed with “busy-ness” that it has grown into a kind of “badge of honor.”  We live in a world where we are going, going, going.  So much so, that it has become the norm and we don’t even question it.  We move around on auto-pilot, as if … Continue reading

What we want most in our relationships

I work a lot with couples.  It’s interesting and quite fun!  You can learn a lot about relationships when working with couples.  I try to help two very different individuals learn to live together and love one another, despite their differences. The thing is, if we are willing to do the work, it can be the most rewarding experience.  We learn to love another human being, all the while, allowing them to love us back.  Through the process, we hopefully grow … Continue reading

Who’s to blame?

In the face of tragedy, we have a deep-seated need to find meaning.  The recent trauma in Arizona is no different.  We are left wondering how something like this could happen.  It was so senseless!  As we work through the pain, we ask… Where did we go wrong?  How could we not see this coming?  And the most important question . . . Who’s to blame!   As I read through different ideas and suggested theories, I was reminded of a story. Years ago, I … Continue reading