3 Ways to Help Your Child Feel Loved

I often share with parents one rule when parenting a child, and that is Rules – Relationship = Rebellion!  As parents, we tend to be very good at the rules, but if we are missing the relationship, then we are missing a crucial part.  Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, there are many things that easily distract us and can lead our child to feel neglected and alone emotionally.  Kids are full of emotions and feelings, which often frustrate and overwhelm parents. … Continue reading

Suicide Prevention Awareness

Did you know …? September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month As you may or may not know, I lost my dad to suicide on December 10, 2005.  Since then, I’ve become highly active on this issue.  Although more people died by suicide than by Asthma, HIV/Aids, and Parkinson’s Disease, funding for research was the lowest for suicide: Deaths by Cause (2007): Suicide:        34,598 Parkinson’s:  20,058 HIV/Aids:      11,295 Asthma:         3,447 Research spending (2010): Suicide:        2% Parkinson’s:  4% Asthma:        8% HIV/Aids:       86% While … Continue reading

Just ignore it!!!

Through the luck of my genetics, I have issues with my spine.  Over the years, it has become progressively worse and as a result, I tend to pull my back muscles.  It has been manageable so far but I notice it getting worse over time.  In fact, I endured significant back pain this past August causing me to be bedridden for nearly a week.  Given that recent incident, you would think I would learn to be more careful and pay attention … Continue reading