Two-Step Process to Confront a Strained Relationship

Did you know that lack of social interaction is detrimental to your health? According to one study, social isolation is as detrimental to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day! We need relationships, we need connections, we need one another. Here’s the thing, you need to make sure your relationships are healthy. Having a toxic relationship can be just as devastating to your health. I often share with clients one way to know if you are in a toxic … Continue reading

“Ghosting” ~ not just for the dating

Have you heard of the term “ghosting?” Here’s an online definition: “The practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without explanation” The idea is that someone starts connecting with you and then, without warning, they stop. It is pretty black and white. You are talking and then you are not. When it comes to relationships, however, it’s not always black and white. And relationships are not always about dating. Ghosting happens in every relationship (i.e., friendships, bosses,  co-workers, business acquaintances, extended family). Here are … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Togetherness

I have a dear friend I recently connected with and have come to know these past few months. With a beautiful spirit, we often refer to one another as “power sisters.” With the gift of simply being present, we support each other through listening, sharing, clarifying, and offering feedback as we reveal our hopes, dreams, fears, and triumphs. It is the gift of relationship. Recently we decided I would visit her for some much needed ”girl” time. She mentioned looking … Continue reading

Relationship Barriers and How to Overcome Them

Amazing things are happening in the world. We have wonderful research helping to understand ourselves and the world around us and we are learning more than ever before. Despite how much we have learned, however, there is one thing that we still struggle to master ~ relationships. As we attempt to work through conflicts, the potential for hurt and tension is very real and can sometimes be devastating. After all, it has created wars between couples, families and even countries. … Continue reading

The Power of Listening . . . or Not!

In a world with so much chatter, it is no wonder most of us do not feel heard.   I see many families sitting together at a restaurant and everyone is on their electronics.  On the other hand, I see families sitting together where everyone is talking.  In both cases, though they are sharing the same space, they are not really connecting. I want to share a story of the amazing power of listening. Several years ago, I received an … Continue reading

A Dad’s Influence

Over the last several decades, there has been a steady decline in the number of fathers participating in the rearing of their children.  The proportion of children living in two parent homes has dropped significantly where 1 in 3 children in the United States live with just their mother.  There is no doubt that the presence of a father makes a huge impact to a child.  Statistics show improvement in grades as well as a decrease in sexual promiscuity, teen … Continue reading

When Mother’s Day Hurts

Mother’s Day is a day where we celebrate and honor our moms.  Many spend time with their mothers sharing in that mother/child bond.  We show our appreciation for all she did to sacrifice for us; after all, she gave us life and love.  While this may sound nice, for some, just the mention of Mother’s Day or even thinking of mom can be very painful.  There are a number of reasons why this might be happening. For some of you, … Continue reading

3 Ways to Help Your Child Feel Loved

I often share with parents one rule when parenting a child, and that is Rules – Relationship = Rebellion!  As parents, we tend to be very good at the rules, but if we are missing the relationship, then we are missing a crucial part.  Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, there are many things that easily distract us and can lead our child to feel neglected and alone emotionally.  Kids are full of emotions and feelings, which often frustrate and overwhelm parents. … Continue reading

A “Christian Counselor” vs. a “Christian” Counselor

When we think of counseling, we often think of the stereotypical phrase “and how does that make you feel?”  Most of us understand that counseling is about getting in touch with our emotions.  But, when it comes to the healing process, it is important to recognize we are more than just our feelings. Though we are emotional beings, we are also physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual beings!  That being the case, it is natural to wonder . . . what about God … Continue reading

What we want most in our relationships

I work a lot with couples.  It’s interesting and quite fun!  You can learn a lot about relationships when working with couples.  I try to help two very different individuals learn to live together and love one another, despite their differences. The thing is, if we are willing to do the work, it can be the most rewarding experience.  We learn to love another human being, all the while, allowing them to love us back.  Through the process, we hopefully grow … Continue reading