When Technology Fails: “The System Won’t Let Me”

We are so bound by technology that we do very little without it. I love technology. It enables me to write emails, send newsletters, and share articles. That’s the beauty of technology. But boy, when technology fails us, it can be deeply frustrating. Let me share a recent experience I had and how it would have been handled before and after technology (this really did happen). Last week, I wanted to pay a bill: BEFORE: I would write a check, place it … Continue reading

It takes more time than you think

How many times have you said something like, “I’ll be there in a minute,” or “I will only be gone a minute,” and the all time favorite, “Sure, I can do that, it’ll just take a minute.” Inevitably, no matter what our intentions, a minute turns into many minutes, even hours, and sometimes days. While it may feel like it only takes a minute to do something, in reality, it takes more time than you think. If you’re like me, you’ve fallen into this … Continue reading

With freedom comes responsibility

A few years ago, we decided to spend time with my husband’s family at a resort in North Carolina. With no cell phone and limited wi-fi, we were ready for some much needed rest and relaxation. The Resort was awesome, with plenty to do. On the evening of July 4th, the excitement was contagious. Dressed in the familiar red, white, and blue, we shared a wonderful dinner and soon, a parade ensued while children ran around with sparklers and glow … Continue reading

Don’t blame it on the stars

Did you ever wonder why it is on the days you are in a hurry, you get stopped by the train, traffic is slower than usual, or even worse, you end up behind the slowest driver in town?  How frustrating!  Just when you think you are getting somewhere, there they are, moseying along just trying to annoy you!! We’ve all been there and when it happens we wonder . . . “Why do these life forces seem to stack against me?”  … Continue reading