Millennials are getting a bad rap

“Millennials are lazy; Millennials are entitled; Millennials are spoiled and self-absorbed” Sound familiar? I recently watched a parody on millennials and it played to the stereotypes perfectly. That’s what we are saying about them and like all stereotypes, there are some that prove this point. What about the ones that don’t fit the bias? The ones that do only make up a small portion of the whole. What about the rest? As a whole, let’s talk about what millennials are doing. … Continue reading

Our kids are dying for our help!

Know the Warning Signs IS PATH WARM? Ideation Substance Abuse Purposelessness Anxiety Trapped Hopelessness Withdrawal Anger Recklessness Mood Changes Learn more about upcoming workshops on suicide prevention/intervention efforts in our schools.  It saves lives! You can find this video on YouTube Warning Signs taken from American Association of Suicidology … Continue reading