It takes more time than you think

How many times have you said something like, “I’ll be there in a minute,” or “I will only be gone a minute,” and the all time favorite, “Sure, I can do that, it’ll just take a minute.” Inevitably, no matter what our intentions, a minute turns into many minutes, even hours, and sometimes days. While it may feel like it only takes a minute to do something, in reality, it takes more time than you think. If you’re like me, you’ve fallen into this … Continue reading

Why teens think the way they do

Ask any parent or adult and we will say the same thing. We all want to raise our children to become happy, healthy, and productive adults. With that comes the ability to make good decisions, understand how to navigate the world, and most of all, how to handle tough decisions. However, in our effort to do what is “best” for our children, we can often unwittingly and unintentionally hinder them toward this goal. As a result, they learn to make … Continue reading

The Power of Listening . . . or Not!

In a world with so much chatter, it is no wonder most of us do not feel heard.   I see many families sitting together at a restaurant and everyone is on their electronics.  On the other hand, I see families sitting together where everyone is talking.  In both cases, though they are sharing the same space, they are not really connecting. I want to share a story of the amazing power of listening. Several years ago, I received an … Continue reading

3 Ways to Help Your Child Feel Loved

I often share with parents one rule when parenting a child, and that is Rules – Relationship = Rebellion!  As parents, we tend to be very good at the rules, but if we are missing the relationship, then we are missing a crucial part.  Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, there are many things that easily distract us and can lead our child to feel neglected and alone emotionally.  Kids are full of emotions and feelings, which often frustrate and overwhelm parents. … Continue reading

A “Christian Counselor” vs. a “Christian” Counselor

When we think of counseling, we often think of the stereotypical phrase “and how does that make you feel?”  Most of us understand that counseling is about getting in touch with our emotions.  But, when it comes to the healing process, it is important to recognize we are more than just our feelings. Though we are emotional beings, we are also physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual beings!  That being the case, it is natural to wonder . . . what about God … Continue reading

He scammed me!!

I was recently scammed!!  Yes, it’s true ~ I found myself buying into his false implications and lies, all in an effort to get my money.  He tapped into the very core of my being, the part that desires so much to help others improve their lives and be happy! For the most part, I am a strong critical thinker and am painfully aware that there are people in the world who will lie for their own personal gain.  But I … Continue reading

The masks we wear

Halloween is about pretending.  We pretend to be somebody ~ or something ~ else and have fun doing so.  It is an acceptable and fun part of the celebration tradition.  We wear costumes and masks, all the while laughing and enjoying each others’ company.  I wondered recently how the tradition of costumes and masks originated and depending on where you look, you will find a variety of details.  However, the overall reason remains the same…we wear masks to hide.  As in … Continue reading