It’s all how we look at it

The economy is tough right now, jobs are scarce, and families are struggling.  With the surplus from previous decades, it seems this decade proves to be more challenging. Unfortunately, since most of us hate change, we resist it.  We like things to stay the same, where we are secure in our predictable lives.  Although we are aware that change is inevitable, we often do not cope well when it happens.  But, knowing how to deal with the unknown and the new can be a valuable life skill.

As I meet people, I am reminded of the many different ways we look at the same picture. Some view our circumstances as a place of defeat. These are the ones with negative statements revealing a resigned stance that embraces life as a constant battle swimming upstream. They say things like “I just can’t get anywhere no matter how hard I try,” or “why bother, this is not going to get better anytime soon.”  These self-defeating statements are bound to fail, no matter what the economy. In fact, distorted thinking like this leads to depression, anxiety, and stress.

But, there are those that take on a much brighter position. They are the ones who see the light at the end of the tunnel.  They see change and challenge as opportunities.  In fact, the job situation has been a huge catalyst leading people to completely change their careers.  Difficult times are wonderful chances to step back and reflect.  When things are good, we tend to keep moving but that may not always be a move forward.  It’s the difficult times that stop us in our tracks and make us reevaluate ~ what an opportunity!

Change happens and we have no control over that.  What we can control is how we think and ultimately feel about it.  It really is all about how we look at it.

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