Millennials are getting a bad rap

“Millennials are lazy; Millennials are entitled; Millennials are spoiled and self-absorbed”

Sound familiar?

I recently watched a parody on millennials and it played to the stereotypes perfectly. That’s what we are saying about them and like all stereotypes, there are some that prove this point.

What about the ones that don’t fit the bias? The ones that do only make up a small portion of the whole. What about the rest?

As a whole, let’s talk about what millennials are doing.

  • Millennials work hard and want their work to have meaning
  • Millennials are behind today’s drive toward ethical consumerism
  • Millennials are highly civic minded, focusing on the larger community
  • Millennials express a deep desire to improve the world

The truth is, millennials grew up in the post 911 era. Adding to that, through social media, they were exposed to a greater number of perceived and real threats, including school shootings. They went to school with the underlying concern that there are others who might want to do them harm. It makes perfect sense that their reaction as young adults is to focus on making the world a better, safer place.

We are in a time of creativity and innovation. Where previous generations focused more on tasks and results, this generation focuses more on collaboration and networking. They are looking for meaningful work and with their collaborative style, seek mentoring. This generation was brought up on technology and are more globally connected than any generation before us.

Like every young generation, they are an exciting bunch with idealistic views and have much to learn. We need to teach them and nurture them, while at the same time, let them explore and create. It seems to me we need to work more on listening and stop stereotyping. They have a lot to teach us and we have a lot to teach them. We need to bridge the communication gap and consider what they are trying to do, make the world a better, safer place.

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