When Positive Thinking Feels like a bunch of BS

What? Isn’t it all about positive thinking? I mean, that’s what we hear, right?

  • “Think positive”
  • “Be grateful”
  • “Time will tell”
  • “You are not given more than you can handle”
  • “When things are rough, remember the silver lining”

I could go on and on

That all sounds great when you are ready to hear it, but if you are not ready to hear it, it sounds like a bunch of bullshit. Here’s how it works.

You have a natural instinct to survive, your fight/flight system. It reacts whenever it perceives danger. It’s a wonderful instinct, it is what keeps you alive. For instance, if you take a wrong turn and find yourself walking down an unfamiliar, dark alley, your instincts will kick in. If you see several men in the distance, you will likely have a high fight/flight response. Your goal is to survive what appears to be danger.

There is a chance the men in the distance are just as lost as you are and in fact, they might be having the same threatened reaction. The point is, your instinct to survive is doing its job. This is not the time to think positively. It’s the time to get the hell out of there!

So what if your fight/flight system interprets something as dangerous but it is not? What happens when your system does its job too much? That’s where you have an unhealthy level of fear that will paralyze you. Do you notice this pattern in your life?

  • You avoid confrontation
  • You become fearful when others are angry
  • You are exhausted and/or irritated most of the time
  • You agree to do something then struggle to follow through
  • You have lost jobs, marriages, or friendships due to emotional overwhelm
  • You avoid new experiences or when you finally do something new, you’re too exhausted to enjoy it because of how hard it was to work through your emotional energy

If you answered yes to any of these, you are likely struggling with an overactive fight/flight response. It is exhausting for you and can be frustrating for those who love you. The consequences are great.

Positive thinking is powerful but only when done in the right time, circumstances, and having the right tools. Thankfully, I created a way to help you break free from the fear that binds you. It is a step-by-step program that “retrains your brain” to better determine true fear from perceived ones.

Just imagine . . .

  • Walking into a room and not worrying what others think
  • Saying “no” to someone, they get upset but you feel okay with it
  • Asking for what you need and being open to the answer (even if it is not what you hoped)
  • Trying something new and feeling excitement and curiosity (excitement and fear feel very similar)

If you are ready to finally stop fighting that bully in her head, take my Fulfillment Assessment. The relief will be amazing!



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