Are you a more Positive or Negative Thinker?

1) I text my significant other but he/she does not text me back. I am comfortable that he/she is busy and will text later.
2) I receive a message from my boss that he/she needs to speak with me. I am comfortable that he/she has something to discuss with me.
3) My friend contacts me to go to a social event but I do not want to go. However, I know he/she will be upset if I do not go. I decide to be honest with my friend.
4) When I experience a setback or failure, I am not hard on myself but instead, think about what I learned from the experience.
5) When I am on a team and something goes wrong, I do not get mad at others thinking about what they did wrong.
6) When others recognize a good idea that I came up with, I am comfortable to accept the recognition knowing that I sometimes have good ideas.
7) When someone compliments me, I am comfortable and say thank you.
8) When others are trying to do things for me but not the way I prefer, I appreciate their efforts and do not try to change what they did.
9) When our team is recognized for something we did well, I believe in the value of everyone, including myself, and appreciate the recognition.
10) When I am chosen for something, I accept that others think highly of me and chose me.
11) When I look in the mirror, I accept that some days, I will look less attractive than other days.
12) When I am with my significant other, I am secure and do not worry whether they will eventually want to leave me.
13) At social events, I enjoy the company of others and do not worry about being judged by them.
14) I feel my life is going well and am excited to see what each day will bring.
15) When speaking with others, I share the things that are going well and good, rather than focusing on the things that went wrong.

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