How I tamed my inner critic

Did you know you have an inner critic? Do you know what it says? Even worse, do you listen to your inner critic?

The truth is we all have it, including me. And if you’re like most of us, you listen to it far more than you should.

Here’s the thing, in some ways your inner critic is actually a blessing. It helps keep you safe. But it is not necessarily looking out for your best interest. Its only job is to keep you in your comfort zone.

Let me share a little story.

Several years ago, I decided to go back to college. For the next few years, I made a huge personal investment of time and money (a lot of money) and I was married raising a family at the time. But I knew deep down I wanted to make this change. Now here I am, a licensed counselor. Sounds easy, right?


If you think my inner critic remained silent during those initial years, you’re sadly mistaken. This amazing opportunity to change my life and career called me outside my comfort zone. I was, after all, an older student going back to college.

My inner critic screamed and yelled things like:

  • “You can’t go back to school at your age!”
  • “Things have changed since you were in school. You’ll never figure it out”
  •  “You can’t spend that much money, it will hurt the family”
  • “Most of your classmates are your kids’ age, you don’t belong. Besides, it’s weird.”

I heard it all and then some. But as I learned to deal with my inner critic something powerful happened. I realized it was nothing more than mental chatter trying to stop me. And this mental chatter was simply an effort to keep me IN my comfort zone. It was powered by doubts and fear all under the guise of “reasons”.

I learned to step aside from the “reasons” and looked honestly at what was in my best interest, and then I plunged full speed ahead. Eventually I sensed a beautiful shift. My inner critic settled down. It began to trust that I knew what I was doing and stopped trying to sabotage my efforts.

Remember, you don’t really want your inner critic to stop you altogether, it’s there to keep you safe. But it is only a source of information. Whether or not it is a true warning is entirely up to you to decide.


What messages is your inner critic telling you? What amazing things is your inner critic keeping you from enjoying?

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I would love to see you succeed!

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