The Three C’s of Success [Part 2 of 3]

Welcome to Part 2 of 3

There are many factors to creating success in your life but in my experience, it can be reduced to three simple concepts. The first C is commitment; the second C is . . .

Clarity:  Now that you are fully invested in making changes, you must be clear on what to do and how to do it. Clarity is essential to your success. No matter how committed you are, if you have no clear idea of what you want, you will not reach success. It’s important to be clear and specific.

How do you clearly determine your plan of action? Start at the end.

Take a moment to write down any goal you want to reach. Be clear and specific. For example, don’t write “I want to be happier.” Instead, write “I want to get along better with my boss” or being even more specific, “I want to increase my salary by 10% in the next 6 months.”

The more specific the better.

Now that you know the result, work your way backwards. Imagine your goal and write down the steps you will need to reach it. That’s clarity!

If you are struggling to clearly define your goal and the steps needed to get there, working with a coach will make all the difference. In fact, I work regularly with a coach myself. It’s the single most powerful way I have reached success in my life!

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Now you know 2 of the 3 C’s for Success:

Commitment and Clarity

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